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Custom Marine Products was created in 2009 on the Great Lakes of Michigan by Thomas “Tom”​ Trimmer Sr., an avid cruising sailor and a retired business executive. Tom wanted a solar system for his sailboat, more importantly he wanted to improve his cruising experience by having an abundance of clean and quiet reliable electric power onboard. Tom faced purchasing either cheap unreliable solar or luxury solar not differentiated from its inexpensive counterparts. He teamed up directly with the most innovative high quality solar manufacturers to produce proprietary marine grade solar products bearing the Custom Marine Products name. After building his own system which soon became the envy of his local marina, Tom perfected his design and grew his expertise in marine solar. He has since become a notable speaker at events such as the Seattle Boat Show and the San Francisco Boat Show. Custom Marine Products has now become known for delivering custom individualized solar installations engineered for the highest quality and value. The Custom Marine Products suite of products includes complete marine solar kits, highest output marine grade photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal systems, solar controllers, refrigeration systems, and various solar panel mounting solutions, as well as LiFePo batteries. Custom Marine Products freely distributes customer education for cruising sailors, mariners, business owners, and design engineers interested in utilizing marine grade solar technology in various extreme weather applications.

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