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TOMbag is an Australian social enterprise on a mission to rid the world of single-use garbage bags with our sustainable and reusable alternatives. Designed from the ground up, TOMbag has created the world’s first reusable garbage bag – it’s sustainable and looks awesome!

Here at TOMbag, we’re a mission-led social enterprise with a vision to be a meaningful contributor to the reversal of climate change. It starts with our reusable garbage bag made with recycled plastic – removing plastic waste that would otherwise pollute our environment, kill sea-life and release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere heating our planet.

We are a part of the circular economy. We are recycling TOMbag reusable garbage bags with TerraCycle via their Zero Waste Box™ system at our products end of life. Once your TOMbag product is returned to us, it is packed in our Zero Waste Box™ then shipped to TerraCycle where it is sorted and made into plastic granules to be repurposed and transformed into new products.

TOMbag will plant one tree in Australia for every reusable garbage bag they sell.


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