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For over 75 years, ZARGES has offered superior aluminum cases, relying on engineering expertise and high quality to provide stock and custom solutions. ZARGES delivers unparalleled protective aluminum transit (shipping / storage) and 19″ rack mount cases. Today, advanced designs and robotics yield fast, cost-effective manufacturing. Whether it is off the shelf or a custom configuration, our packaging engineers will design the optimum protection solution. Our design and manufacturing methods allow for easily customized sizes, so your customers won’t have to live with a case that is too large and heavy for their needs any more.

For ZARGES, quality is not just a slogan but a philosophy which has always been of fundamental importance in the development of the company. The quality of our products and services is of the highest caliber. At ZARGES, constant quality checks during all stages of the manufacturing process are undertaken as a matter of course.

ZARGES Cases Benefits:

– High-quality aluminum universal cases
– Rugged fully welded profile frame
– Ergonomic spring handles automatically stow for safe shipping
– Each case constructed of extra strong 5005 alloy aluminum sheeting
– Temperature range of -238° to 302° F; UV, water, weather and corrosion resistance
– Will not warp or crack
– Available as IP54, IP65 or IP67
– IGBC certified bear proof options
– More usable internal volume per cubic foot
– Over 50 standard sizes to choose from, plus custom sizes
– Aluminum delivers excellent durability and weight savings in a smaller footprint

ZARGES Cases Applications:

-Recovery gear
-Camp kitchen
-Bear proof food and garbage
-General purpose storage

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