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Regardless of where you live or store your RV, boat, or camper van, you need to manage the humidity in your vehicle. Managing moisture inside your camper is critical to your vehicle’s longevity and your enjoyment of this extremely valuable asset. Dry air inside your vehicle is ideal; wet air inside is a massive problem waiting to manifest itself in mold, decay, and destruction. The most efficient method to reduce the humidity in your camper van, RV, boat, or tiny home is to use a dehumidifier.

Through a process called “insensible water loss” the average person loses about 23 fluid ounces of water through their skin and breath daily. So, if there are 2 people and 2 dogs inside a space for 24 hours, there will be about 60 fluid ounces of extra water in the air just from them being there.

Humidity will collect on all hard surfaces, penetrate the soft surfaces, get into the insulation, and inside the walls. Water in the air will cause any poorly ventilated areas to mold, which will effectively total your vehicle. Be smart and manage the humidity in your space.

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