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Excellent cookware

I love the whole line of Magma pans.

Wheel well tank.

It is a great tank with multiple threaded inlets or outlets all are sealed minus a couple the are 3/4” threaded. By the way it is not 24 gallons. It is closer to 30plus gallons. You just cut them open if you want them patent. They **** in a male plug threaded to fit size. I have top fill. A 3/4 threaded hose fill and a 1/2” pex connected to my pump. Make sure to clean and drain before filling. I did not and shavings and leftovers from sealing the threaded inlets from factory plugged my pump.

Awesome touch for my Sprinter

What a cool added touch to my Sprinter. This was a super easy installation and adds that extra special look at night. Highly recommend Nomadic Supply, quick shipping and the install video was helpful

Thank you so much Mychal!! We appreciate you and this rad review!

5 star service and great LED Fog Lights

This is my 2nd purchase from Nomadic and the purchase has been great. These fog lights make a big difference in the look of your Sprinter, if you have LED lights. Easy purchase, quick delivery and easy install. A+

Easy to install, and it’s works .

Heavy duty

The plastic brackets delivered with the 80s disintegrated immediately. These replacements will
Last a long time. Too bad they aren’t part of the original package.

Sprinter 20 gallon grey tank

Straight forward install on driver side. Comes with all hardware. High quality SS brackets utilize the existing fuel tank bolts on one side. You do need a rivnut tool to set the brackets on the other side. Perfect tight fit left room for all the plumbing fittings out the back end of the tank.

Magma Trailmate Grill

It's the perfect little grill to take fishing and camping , very well made

Nice Finishing Touch

Decided to improve my van. Bed liner on the trim, suspension upgrade and lift, new tires, and new emblems. Maybe I'll go orange next time.

Excellent product

Very nice solid construction. Works perfectly on top of my pop up tent.

Rich Solar Mega 100W 12V Black-Frame Monocrystalline Solar Panel (RS-M100B)

So far its OK

I use the 30Amp surge protector on the boat side of the cable. So far so good, it fits, and the indicator lights are helpful. It will be nice if it had a sealing (threaded) ring on both ends not only one.

Lonseal flooring

You rock! We love our new floor and dealing with you was a pleasure

Thanks so much Patrick, we appreciate you!

CRL AW 1033 great windows

I had originally installed some slider windows, that required Sika flex. The windows filled with water in the slides, poor drainage. Difficult and messy to install. So I chose to cut those out and replace them with these CRL widows. So much better! Much easier and cleaner install. Windows go in better, don't leak, and can be left open in the rain. Have been through serious down pours, no problem. As they will go over the bed area for cross-ventilation, they are the perfect choice for bunk windows. Decent privacy too with a good tinting, but very clear view out. Very happy with this choice.

Thanks so much for the helpful review Ben!!

Love it!

This was exactly what I was looking for. Looks great and was easy to install. Thanks for the sticker!!!

Excellent water heater

This is an excellent 12 volt hot water heater. But it's not 1500 watts. The heating element is 12 volts, 300 watts. Creates 3 gallons of hot water.

Fiamma Awning Leg Aluminum Wall Brackets (98655-728)

Great redesign over the 2012 oem

As far as the 2012 MB Sprinter 2500 goes. These wheel well covers have a redesign over the oem cover, where about 1 cm of additional material is around the base that touches the floor. I have a laminate floor, that I installed in my Sprinter, and this helps hide a portion of the floor where the cuts around the wheel well were a little tricky. I also applied a sound deadening material known as dynamat, which fit well under the Terrawagon mat. The oem was a Grey color and this new black material matches my floor great!

Looks good, doesn't open very far

I installed this and was generally pleased, but there are a couple of details that prevent me from giving it 5 stars.
1) It opens out about 2 inches overall, which is not quite enough to feel a breeze like I have felt through other awning-style or jalousie windows I've used.
2) The outer frame was welded at the top, so you can see some unevenness where the joint was ground down. Aside from the minor aesthetic detraction, I'd rather see the seam at the bottom for better looks and so that the seal would have the best chance to seal between a consistent extrusion and the vehicle body.

All that said, the van has more ventilation than it used to and it has not leaked, so it's doing what it's supposed to do.

Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic Awning 270 Degree Awning and Wall 1/2/3 (Passenger Side)

Nice Phone Cradle

The Scanstrut ROKK 10W 12/24V Wireless Active Phone Charging Cradle (SC-CW-05F) is nice and durable. Just what I needed.

Extension cable

Its all good, fits in solar connectors and will be alot more useful.. Haven't actually tried it just made sure all fits. I know it will be fine. thank you

Perfect solution

Very nice carrier, well made and easy install.
Losing MB emblem not a prob for me, Best is price!

Perfect bags

These bags are perfect for this toilet. They are the perfect fit, easy to use, easy to install, perfectly designed when full and it's time to tie them off and get rid of your solid waste. Accept no substitutes!

Nomadic Supply Company Freight Versus the Big Box Stores

Nomadic Supply Company wants you to receive your valuable products in absolutely pristine condition so we ship our large refrigerators via truck freight, and we handle and package them in a way that no other retailer does.

When we prepare refrigerators for shipment we spend a full hour to inspect, re-pack, prepare, and schedule your truck freight shipment for the following day. This process ensures that your order arrives to you completely undamaged and in brand new condition. Our competitors do not do any of this for you, and they are are infamous for having their refrigerator shipments arrive damaged.

Our detailed inspection and repacking process will cause a minor delay in shipping your order to you, but unlike all of the other online stores, our shipments actually arrive to you in one piece, without damage, every single time.

  • → We inspect, repack, & double or triple box refrigerators in our custom made, dual wall, fully overlapped, 450lb. test-rated boxes.
  • → Nomadic Supply Company adds 2” Styrofoam and reinforcements to the packaging and all of the large refrigerators are fully palletized.
  • → We take photos of your shipment before, during and after your order is completed. Our customers LOVE this!

We do not recommend residential deliveries via truck freight:

Residential deliveries are always more expensive than shipping to the closest freight terminal. Shipping to the closest truck freight terminal in your area has numerous advantages over shipping to your residence:

  • → It saves you a ton of money in truck freight fees, usually around 50%.
  • → You can schedule to pick the shipment up at your convenience rather than spending a full day at home waiting for it.
  • → You can thoroughly inspect your shipment for potential damage caused by the freight carrier before accepting & signing for it.

You must read and understand the entire LTL Freight process if you want to order a refrigerator from Nomadic Supply Company.