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Go Power! 550 Watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit (GP-FLEX-550)


10% of profits donated to Sierra Club and 1% of all sales donated to Stripe Climate Change initiative.

The Go Power! 500 Watt Flexible Solar Kit (GP-FLEX-500) is our largest Flex Kit. 500-watts of solar power paired with a 60AMP MPPT Pro Solar Controller for your RV or camper van.

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The Go Power! 550 Watt Flexible Solar Kit (GP-FLEX-550) is our largest Flex Kit. 500-watts of solar power paired with a 60AMP MPPT Pro Solar Controller for your RV or camper van.

Solar Flex panels are aerodynamic and DURABLE—a low-profile and bendable solar battery charger for RVs, boats, work trucks, long-haul trailers, and sleeper cabs. This solar panel conforms to almost any surface and is designed to provide a powerful charging solution for batteries. The high-efficiency monocrystalline cells produce more power per square foot than any other flexible panel on the market.

An impermeable lamination coats the entire Solar Flex™ module, allowing it to contour and flex against curved surfaces, eliminating any need for custom mounts. The panel can be affixed by adhesive or screws, and grommets are provided for ease of installation. The thin, lightweight module can also be, making this a truly versatile solar module.

Perfect for RV’s and boats, its flexible design can conform to almost any surface. The panels are only 3 mm thick, making them easy to install. The thin, lightweight design provides a low profile, which is aesthetically pleasing and more aerodynamic that traditional rigid solar modules.  The solar panels are durable, allowing a bend of up to 30°, providing you with a long-term solution to your solar power needs.

Go Power! 550 Watt Flexible Solar Kit (GP-FLEX-550) benefits:

  • Avoids custom mounts (100 and 50 watt modules curve up to 30 degrees)
  • Can be affixed with adhesive or screws
  • Has a durable surface
  • Measures less than 1/8” (3 mm) thick
  • Is ideal for lightweight RVs (modules are 82% lighter)
  • 5-year solar module power output warranty
  • *Best paired with 400Ah of AGM Battery Power, or 200Ah Lithium Battery Power.

Sealant/adhesive required will depend on roof membrane material and is not included in the Solar Flex kit.

Go Power! GP-FLEX-550 550 Watt Flexible Solar Kit Includes:

  • 550 watts / 31.55 amps solar charging kit
  • 60-amp MPPT Solar Controller
  • MPPT Digital Remote Display
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Dongle
  • 1 x GP-CEP-25 – 25’ Cable Entry Plate with 25’ of cable
  • Mounting hardware (4 x GP-MH-4-KB)

Go Power! GP-FLEX-550 550 Watt Flexible Solar Kit Specifications:

Cell Type Monocrystalline
Rated Power (Pm) 100 W
Maximum Power (Vmp) 17.5V
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 5.68A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21.0V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 6.28A
Maximum System Voltage 600VDC
Weight 2.9 lbs (1.35 kg)
Dimensions 44.6 x 21.4 x 0.1 in (1134 x 544 x 3 mm)
Warranty 5 years power output
Nominal System Voltage 12/24/36/48V (auto-recognition)
Max Solar Array Current 60A
Battery Voltage Range 9V – 65V
Max Solar Panel Input Voltage 800W/12V; 1600W/24V; 2400W/36V; 3200W/48V

*Specifications subject to change without notice

Go Power! GP-FLEX-550 550 Watt Flexible Solar Kit Documents

Go Power! 550 Watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit (GP-FLEX-550) User Manual (FLEX-500)

Go Power! 550 Watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit (GP-FLEX-550) Spec Sheet (FLEX-500)

Go Power! 550 Watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit (GP-FLEX-550) Solar Controller Manual (GP-MPPT-PRO-60)

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 25 × 13 in


Go Power!

Whether you’re considering solar for your commercial fleet or to power your next big off-grid adventure, Go Power! provides you with all the benefits of a fully integrated, mobile solar solution: Cost-effective. Fuel for generators, plug-in charges at campgrounds, expensive battery replacements — all these costs add up. With solar power, you can minimize these expenses or eliminate them altogether. Environmentally friendly. No more running generators or idling your work truck to keep your batteries charged. And unlike generators, solar solutions don’t require fuel or give off pollutants. Generating solar power is silent, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of being off the grid. Maximize battery life. Your solar charging system will keep your batteries optimally charged on and off the road, extending their lifespan and preventing ‘dead battery’ situations whether you’re on the job or in a remote location. Minimal maintenance. Solar panels have no moving parts to wear out. Simply keep the panels clean and regularly inspect your system for loose connections or damage. Safe. Solar solutions generate relatively low voltage and amperage. Properly installed and maintained, they are very safe and efficient. Dedicated to Customer Service At Go Power! we’re not only committed to providing you with the best mobile solar solutions available, we’re also dedicated to great customer service. Our support team is available online, or by phone to help you find the help you need. And of course, our rigid solar panels are all backed by our industry-leading 25-year power-output warranty.
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