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Mastervolt Magic 12/24-10 DC Converter (81300300)


10% of profits donated to Sierra Club and 1% of all sales donated to Stripe Climate Change initiative.

The Mastervolt Magic 12/24-10 DC Converter (81300300) is designed for the toughest conditions for professional, semi-professional and recreational purposes. Even under the most extreme conditions, these DC-DC converters operate faultlessly, giving you round-the-clock output when necessary.

The Mastervolt Magic 12/24-10 DC Converter (81300300) is a “Special Order” product and once ordered, is non-cancelable and non-returnable.

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The Mastervolt Magic 12/24-10 DC Converter (81300300) is designed for the toughest conditions for professional, semi-professional and recreational purposes. Even under the most extreme conditions, these DC-DC converters operate faultlessly, giving you round-the-clock output when necessary. The sustainability and technologies that underpin the Mastervolt concept have long been proven in practice. With an MTBF of 280,000 hours at full capacity and 24/7 use, the DC-DC converters are ideal for the toughest tasks and any situation that requires a reliable power supply.

Making The Best Even Better

The reliability and long lifespan of the Mastervolt Magic 12/24-10 DC Converter (81300300) have been established beyond doubt over the past 20 years. While the Mastervolt products have evolved with the latest technological developments, the dimensions and connections have remained the same. As a result it is exceptionally easy to replace one unit with another with only negligible downtime.

Mastervolt Green by Heart

As part of our constant search for eco-friendly and long-lasting solutions, Mastervolt has developed the Green by Heart program. Its impact on the Mac & Magic DC-DC converters include:

  • An exceptionally effective use of the consumed input current (cos phi) > 0.98!
  • Faster charging of batteries, even with when the input current is limited
  • Use of top quality components with a long lifespan
  • Savings in weight and space
  • Fewer installation materials

Mastervolt MasterBus Compatible

For the DC-DC converters you can use the MasterBus Serial Interface. All you need is a single cable with one connection. Your benefits: Fast and easy installation, plus centralized monitoring, configuration and operation of your system with a MasterView panel.

Programmable via Desktop or Laptop/PC

Remote control the Mac or Magic via your laptop or PC or configure your personal preferences. The device has a communication port and easy installation with a PC-Link and MasterAdjust software.

Energy-Saving Dimmer Function

Many standard light dimmers convert part of the energy to heat and also lose unnecessary energy. The Mastervolt Magic converters regulate the power supply efficiently and without excessive heat build-up, up to 580 watts for optimal safety (multiple Magic converters can be used for multiple lamps).

Parallel Operation

If you have many/heavy power-consuming devices onboard, the parallel use of several units allows capacities of 40, 60 or more Amps. Advanced high-frequency technology with modern microprocessors ensures minimum power loss when switching from 24 to 12 V and vice versa.

Mastervolt Magic 12/24-10 DC Converter (81300300) Features:

  • Reliable and very stable DC supply
  • For 12 and 24 V battery systems
  • Parallel switching of multiple units for capacities of 40, 60 or more Amps
  • Battery charger and dimmer function
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Voltage stabilization for a longer lifespan of halogen lights, etc
  • Corrosion-proof aluminum casing
  • Shock-proof
  • Temperature-powered fan for cooling
  • Generates limited heat, so installable almost anywhere
  • Fully MasterBus compatible with a MasterBus Serial Interface

Mastervolt Magic 12/24-10 DC Converter (81300300) Specifications:

  • Nominal output voltage: 27.2 V
  • Output voltage (adjustable with MasterAdjust): 20-28.5 V
  • Output voltage dimmer (adjustable with MasterAdjust): 8-26 V
  • Output voltage stabilization: 2% at extremes of temperatures, load and input
  • Output voltage ripple (peak peak): max. 1%
  • Max. output power: 300 W
  • Nominal output power: 300 W
  • Max. output current: 10A
  • Output charge current (3-step mode): 8 A
  • Nominal input voltage: 12V
  • Input voltage range: 11-16V
  • Input voltage range (3-step charge mode): 12-16V
  • Lower input set point (adjustable with MasterAdjust): 10V
  • Delay lower input set point (adjustable with MasterAdjust): 30 sec.
  • Galvanic isolation: yes
  • Voltage limited: yes
  • Efficiency: > 90% at nom. input voltage, full load; peak 92 %
  • Dimmer function: yes, by external momentary switch via fast-on connection, to be activated by DIP switch setting
  • Alarm contact: yes (fast-on connector)
  • Dimensions, HxWxD: 227 x 154 x 81mm / 8.9″ x 6.1″ x 3.2″
  • Weight: 1.8kg / 4.0lb
  • Approvals: CE
  • 3-Step charge option: yes (DIP switch settings)
  • DC consumption: < 115 mA
  • Connections: screw terminals (max. wire size 16 mm² / AWG5)
  • Temperature range (ambient temp.): -25 °C to 80 °C, derating > 40 °C -13 °F to 176 °F
  • Sound level: < 48 dBA at 1M
  • Protection degree: IP21
  • Protections: against over load & over temperature
  • Cooling: maintenance free vario fans
  • MasterBus compatible: yes, in combination with a MasterBus Serial Interface

Mastervolt Magic 12/24-10 DC Converter Owners Manual

Weight 4.55 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in



Mastervolt stands for reliable and innovative autonomous power solutions. As specialists in the management, conversion and storage of electrical energy, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio with a power range from 300 W to 40 kWatt. Our electric solutions are widely used in demanding markets such as marine, mobile, off shore, industrial, autonomous solar and infrastructure. Mastervolt offers integrated electrical systems which generate, store, convert or manage alternating and direct current. Mastervolt this by using high-quality technology in digital switching, energy storage by means of Lithium-Ion batteries, and chargers/inverters that are both efficient and user-friendly. All these products communicate in the same language via the MasterBus platform. This ensures that everyone working with a Mastervolt system can always see the right information related to each product in the system. Onboard, at the yard, or on remote, system analyses are always easy to perform. This ensures a carefree and reliable electrical power system that enables sailors to enjoy having electricity onboard without any concerns.
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