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Overland Vehicle Systems Recovery Distribution Link & (2) 5/8″ Soft Shackle Combo Kit (19-7580)


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Overland Vehicle Systems R.D.L. 8″ Recovery Distribution Link 45,000 lb. Black & (2) 5/8″ Soft Shackles

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Overland Vehicle Systems 23″ Soft Recovery Shackle

Our Overland Vehicle Systems 23″ Soft Recovery Shackle features Dyneema which is a low-friction fiber, so braided synthetic line will run easily through soft shackles, meaning you can often get away without using a traditional snatch block for applications where standard recovery isn’t enough.

Dyneema rope is so strong that an equivalent wire rope would be three times as thick, and a top-quality stainless steel shackle with a 3/4 in pin would have less than half the breaking strength.

Our Overland Vehicle Systems 23″ Soft Recovery Shackle can handle just about every function performed by a metal shackle, in many cases better. Soft shackles articulate better, don’t rattle around when not under load, or beat up bumpers, easier to undo and don’t have pins that fall out in the middle of a trail.

Gray 5/8 inch Diameter UV Stable Synthetic Rope Construction That includes an abrasive protective sleeve. This combination provides maximum protection in any recovery situation.

Recovery is critical part of off-roading and almost guaranteed. A recovery tool that is stronger than the traditional D Ring Style Shackle, Lighter and safer is a must have in anybody’s recovery bag.

The Overland Vehicle Systems SS58D Soft Shackle is the right tool for any recovery situation. Easy to operate and you and twice as strong as a traditional shackle it’s the safest way to winch or hook up a strap to. This will not rust or rattle when driving down the road.

The Soft Shackle is part of larger family of recovery gear from winches, Synthetic Towing Straps, Snatch Blocks, D-ring/Shackle, Recovery Rings, Soft Shackles, Recovery Bags, Recovery Ramps, and much More available through Overland Vehicle Systems.

The overall length the Overland Vehicle Systems 23″ Soft Recovery Shackle is 23 inches with a 3-inch Class 2 Diamond Knot. With a Breaking Strength of 44,000 lbs. and a Working Load of 15,000 lbs. This is the Go To recovery tool for any situation. Includes storage bag manufactured out of 600 Denier Ballistic Nylon with A locking synch.

Overland Vehicle Systems 23″ Soft Recovery Shackle Functions: Recovery Tool for Winching and Strapping. Recommended for either static and kinetic pulls. It’s Safer and Lighter than a traditional shackle.

Overland Vehicle Systems 23″ Soft Recovery Shackle Warranty: The Overland Vehicle Systems Soft Shackle with Storage Bag is produced to the highest manufacturing standards and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty that protects the original purchasers against defects in material and workmanship.

Overland Vehicle Systems 23″ Soft Recovery Shackle Features:

  • 23 Inch
  • 44,000 Lbs breaking Strength
  • 5/8 Inch diameter
  • Dyneema Synthetic Fiber that is lighter and stronger than traditional shackles
  • 3 inch Class 2 Diamond Knot provides a quick and extremely secure retention
  • Super lightweight material wont overload recovery bag
  • Our standard soft shackles feature a protective sleeve that can be used for any
  • All Overland Vehicle Systems shackles come with a quick deploying storage bag with a pull cinch top
  • Overland Vehicle Systems soft shackles are safer to use because it doesn’t store kinetic energy when under-load
  • Soft shackles are rattle free and won’t damage bumpers and other recovery rigging
  • All Overland Vehicle Systems soft shackles come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick and easy to use and requires no tools
  • Can be used as a snatch block when used with Overland Vehicle Systems recovery ring

Overland Vehicle Systems Recovery Distribution Link

Overland Vehicle Systems R.D.L. 45,000 lb. 8″ Recovery Distribution Link is a rigging tool designed for winching yourself out safely by increasing anchor points and helping to aid a balance load in extreme recovery situations. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, the Overland Vehicle Systems R.D.L. 45,000 lb. 8″ Recovery Distribution Link is built strong, and rated for 45,000lbs.

Our Overland Vehicle Systems R.D.L. 45,000 lb. 8″ Recovery Distribution Link has 4 rigging points to secure with standard steel shackles or soft shackles. The Overland Vehicle Systems Recovery Distribution Link includes an angle scale for estimating your sling. The symmetry of the Overland Vehicle Systems R.D.L. 45,000 lb. 8″ Recovery Distribution Link allows for the continuity of the recovery configurations. This platform will help aid in the recovery of your rig and provide additional anchor points to help improve the outcome of your recovery. The Overland Vehicle Systems Recovery Distribution Link is an ideal recovery solution.

Overland Vehicle Systems R.D.L. 45,000 lb. 8″ Recovery Distribution Link Features:

· Works with Soft Shackles or 3 /4” or 7/8” Shackles
· Distribution of Multiple Loads
· Safer Options for Many Winching Applications
· Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum
· Working Load: 21,4000 lbs
· Symmetrical Shape for Construction Integrity

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9.15 × 2 in


Overland Vehicle Systems

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