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silwy 8oz Magnetic BPA Free Tritan Plastic Drinking Glass (Set of 6 w/ Lids & Metal Nano-Gel Coasters)


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silwy Magnetic 8oz BPA Free Tritan Plastic Shatterproof Drinking Glass (Set of 6 w/ Lids and Metal Nano-Gel Coasters)

silwy Magnetic System
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The Silwy magnetic drinking glass has a perfectly integrated magnet in the bottom, which finds its magnetic counterpart in the flexible Silwy Nano-Gel-Coaster and eliminates the problems of falling, sliding, or rattling drinkware in your boat or camper van! The removable, reusable adhesive coaster attaches to almost any surface, and can be cleaned with water. Silwy magnetic drinking glasses are a must have for your boating and camping adventures.

The magnetic base of any Silwy glass adheres to the metallic Silwy nano-gel coaster in a precisely coordinated force ratio, so that even full magnetic glasses can be removed conveniently and conveniently from the metallic coaster. The bottom side of the coaster is adhesive and can be placed anywhere, even on walls!

Ice-cold drinks from real crystal and high-quality plastic glasses on the high seas?

With our patented silwy magnetic system, that’s exactly what’s possible! Traveling has never been more relaxed, stowing has never been easier and boating dishes have never been more noble. It is not without reason that silwy was awarded the GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD 2018. Whether glasses, cups or tableware, whether crystal glass or high-tech plastic – in our wide range you will find the right product for your boat!

A hand-cast magnet is embedded in the base of our crystal and plastic glasses. The magnetic glasses adhere to the matching counter poles of silwy®, i.e. to the metal-nano-gel-pads, the metal-nano-gel-mats as well as the metal-nano-gel-placemats. All pads, mats and placemats guarantee a safe stand even in strong waves on the high seas and that although they are removable, washable and reusable. Pretty clever, isn’t it?

Another highlight is our Silwy Metal Strip, which literally turns your boat or yacht upside down. By means of the strip, which is permanently attached, your silwy® magnetic glasses can be stored vertically or upside down in the future – a true must-have for every boating or camping fan!

Tritan is a BPA-free plastic — it is not manufactured with bisphenol A (BPA) or other bisphenol compounds, such as bisphenol S (BPS). Tritan is impact-resistant — products can be used without fear of shattering. Tritan is much lighter than glass — making it easier to handle without the fear of breaking. Tritan is tough — extending the useful life of water bottles and food containers, potentially reducing waste. Tritan has exceptional dishwasher durability — encouraging proper sanitation for greater plastic container safety. Tritan has no estrogenic or androgenic activity. Tritan is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified.

silwy Magnetic Drinking Glass Features:

  • Silwy Magnetic Drinking Cup Set
  • Break-Proof BPA-Free Plastic Cup has Integrated Magnet in Bottom
  • Cup and Coaster are Perfectly Balanced and Attracted to Each Other
  • Coaster is Washable, Reusable, and Sticks to Most Sealed Surfaces
  • Coaster Can be Removed without Residue
  • High Quality TPE Lid has Hole for Straw
  • Made in Germany
  • Note: Silwy Metal Strip is Required for Storage on Walls/Ceilings (Not Included)

Plastic glasses – attractively beautiful

On every trip, you need steadfast companions. On the one hand, those will be the people you take with you, on the other hand, it is the equipment you bring. Does the following scene sound familiar to you? You are sitting comfortably on deck, the glass with your favorite wine is in front of you, and suddenly, the boat is hit by a wave. As if in slow motion, the glass loses its grip and starts to sway. If you’re not fast enough, the wine will be overboard. Don’t let that happen – be smart and use the new plastic glasses from silwy.

They are not just glasses. Oh, no, silwy glasses contain a hidden innovation in each glass: the magnetic system. As a result, the plastic glasses adhere to the accompanying nano-gel pads and can’t be shaken by anything. At the same time, they look amazing, are crystal clear, and, thanks to their seamless texture, fit remarkably well in any hand. Whether coffee, beer, or cocktail – every drink tastes terrific.

Plastic lenses for boating: ready for any wave

The hint of saltwater floats in the air. Around you lies the deep blue sea. The sun on the horizon gives the sky an orange touch. The only thing you hear is the gentle sound of the waves and a few chattering seagulls in the distance. Right now, everything would be perfect – if you didn’t have to hold your glass all the time. The waves of the sea, which are so beloved, cause it to lose its footing on the boat. How convenient that we have the perfect solution for precisely this problem: Plastic glasses with a MAGNETIC SYSTEM. Regular glasses lose their stability even in light waves, slide off the table and disintegrate into shards. The plastic glasses from silwy are the new and faithful companions on your boat. They are shatterproof, scratch-resistant, and stable in any wave.

A magnet is molded in at the bottom of the reusable glasses, unnoticeable to anyone using them. In conjunction with the metal nano-gel pad, each glass sticks precisely where you want it to stick.

Plastic glasses – stable on any road

Camping is the new luxury vacation. Discover the world, completely independent on your own four wheels and in your own four walls. This is a dream of many, and you can live it too. However, you will need the right equipment because the roads to your destination are not always smooth and even. Especially in the Mediterranean areas, the camper often takes on narrow and incredibly bumpy roads. Do you know the jingle and clang that resounds from the cabinets into the driver’s cab when you hit a pothole or a dirt road? We’ve already forgotten about it – because, with silwy plastic glasses, that can’t happen anymore. Thanks to our MAGNETIC SYSTEM, the reusable glasses are safely stowed away and stay in place at every turn so you can enjoy your drinks once you arrive.

Now, hold on, it gets even better. Let us imagine you have been on the road for a while and now found a beautiful vantage point at which you want to enjoy the romantic sunset with a glass of champagne? While others are busy setting up their camping tables on the cliffs, you are smarter: Thanks to the embedded magnets, the plastic glasses adhere to the body of your caravan very easily and without causing scratches.

No shards, but still good luck: The plastic glasses advantages

Shards of glass supposedly bring luck – but they have no place on board or in your home on four wheels.

Many people have prejudices against plastic glasses: The taste is distorted, or the feeling isn’t classy enough, destroying the vacation feeling! We produce our plastic glasses from an innovative material composition and thus enable you and your friends a pure taste experience with every single sip. The cut and finish of the glasses are so brilliant that you won’t even notice the difference to glass. Instead, you benefit from the advantages of reusable plastic glasses.

Especially on the water, the movements of the boat are unpredictable. No matter how well our magnets stick – if you have the glass in your hand, it can still slip out of your fingers in a rocking wave. A hard impact, however, does not affect the plastic at all. The glasses are scratch-resistant and robust. They remain flawless in any fall. That brings us to the most significant advantage of this perfect plastic glassware: they are shatterproof. The plastic drinking cups are your faithful companions no matter what kind of adventures you plan and how much your ship or camper van rocks. They also have insulating properties, which means your cocktail stays nice and refreshing in them, and your coffee doesn’t cool down as quickly, even in a light breeze.

Do you like to go off-road with your camper? Or do you get caught in a small storm with the boat from time to time? No matter how much it rocks, the plastic glasses from silwy won’t let you notice.

Plastic cups: enjoy wine, beer, and cocktails

In the pool, on the beach, or on the water, you enjoy different drinks in every situation. Each sip exudes a different spirit. Which one do you like best? At silwy, you will find plastic glasses for every occasion. The reusable glasses are available as

  • cocktail glasses,
  • wine glasses,
  • drinking cups,
  • beer glasses,
  • tumblers,
  • long drink glasses, or
  • shot glasses

Glass or plastic glasses – which do you prefer?

We have all models made of both materials. They are in no way inferior to each other. Put together your bar and offer your friends the perfect drink in the right glass every time.

How do you like reusable plastic glasses? Elegantly cut or colorful? At silwy, you will find the most beautiful glasses for every occasion. Unlike many others, these reusable glasses are suitable for reuse. They are not for a pool party but reappear at every other one. The plastic is wonderfully clear and looks like pure glass.

What’s even better is how sturdy they are. Also, it’s even better to know that even when knocked down, they won’t lose shape even. Cleaning both the glasses and the nano pads is quite easy as well. It is best to rinse them by hand. Due to the delicate surface, no trace elements will settle, and the reusable glasses will shine. The Nano-Pads can be cleaned with soap and water. Just let them dry, and they are ready for the plastic cups once more.

Plastic cup accessories – ready for any pool party

The water is unpredictable – and so are your guests! You relax comfortably on the air mattress in the pool and soak up the sun’s rays. Next to you floats a tray with your silwy plastic beer glass. There is a brief commotion at the edge of the pool, and someone jumps into the water next to you. It splashes, small waves make the air mattress and tray rock. And your beer? The plastic glass is still rock-solid on the tray and hasn’t moved an inch. If there is a strong swell on the high seas, you can equip your plastic glasses with a lid. It seals the cups and ensures that no drop of the noble drink leaves the stable glass. So that you can still enjoy your drink even with the lid on, it is accessorized with a straw opening. Even if the world turns upside down, your drink remains reliably in the glass, thanks to the vacuum created. In addition to that, the lid offers optimal protection against annoying insects. As we all know, they like soft drinks and sweet cocktails best.

Are you as enthusiastic about this innovative technology as we are? Then we have even more to offer for your boat and camper. Our magnetic system includes plastic and crystal glasses and metal hooks that can be attached to any location using the magnetic nano-gel pads. An easy installation, completely without drilling – just the way you want it.

Plastic cups from silwy – as innovative as you

Boating or camping – each of your trips is unique. With the plastic glasses, you get reliable partners who serve you and your friends the right drinks. High-quality plastic, which is just as beautifully cut and even as glass and additionally convinces with properties such as break resistance, scratch resistance, and above all stability. No wave, no gust of wind, and no stumbling-block can harm your new glasses. Together with the nano-gel pads, they form a symbiosis that could not be more stable. The metal bar is ideal for space-saving storage in the cupboard. Once it is attached, the reusable plastic glasses adhere without clinking or even tipping over, despite poor road conditions. Finding shards the next time you open the cabinet? That’s in the past!



Silwy Magnetic Drinkware is the world's first magnetic cups and glasses. Made in Germany. Perfect for Boats, RVs or just anywhere you want a cup or glass that doesn't slip or tilt! If you know the issue of falling or breaking glassware on your boat or in your RV, we have your solutions. Our products are equally suitable for - safe storage - display of glassware (through storage on magnetic bar) - No spill usage while on the go (i.e. by using cups with magnetic coaster and no spill lid)
silwy Magnetic System
Weight 2.65 lbs
Dimensions 3.74 × 11.61 × 8.67 in

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