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Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Winch w/ Synthetic Cable (98695)


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The Smittybilt XRC Gen3 9.5K Comp Series Winch 98695 is one of the strongest winches in the industry and offers dependable recovery with more speed and power than previous editions. The XRC Gen3 9.5K packs a formidable 7.0 horsepower motor, boosting average line speed to 12% faster than the Gen2. With less AMP draw at load, the motor delivers efficient dependable power for all your recovery tasks.

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The all-new Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Comp Series Winch w/ Synthetic Cable (98695) has been designed from the ground up with innovative, user-friendly features and improved power efficiency. The Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Comp Series Winch w/ Synthetic Cable (98695) 7.0 horsepower motor boasts an average line speed increase of 12% over its Gen2 predecessor, adding more speed and power with less AMP draw at load. The ergonomic remote controller has a Load Indicator Warning System, so you will always know how much your equipment can handle. Winching in dark conditions is also a breeze with the remote’s built-in flashlight. If additional light is needed, a 12-volt power post is located on the control box. Two magnets are built into the controller for easy placement on any metal surface, leaving it out of the way when not needed. A high-viz clutch lever features large lettering, allowing you to see whether your winch is engaged/free spooled at a glance. Stylish body armor can be detached or used to customize your winch to your vehicle. The Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Comp Series Winch winch is available with 9.5k and 12k load-capacity options, and the COMP Series upgrade includes a synthetic rope and aluminum hawse fairlead. Buy with confidence these winches are backed by a lifetime mechanical warranty, a 5-year electrical warranty, and Smittybilt’s legendary customer service.

The Smittybilt XRC Gen3 9.5K Comp Series Winch is one of the strongest winches in the industry and offers dependable recovery with more speed and power than previous editions. The XRC Gen3 9.5K packs a formidable 7.0 horsepower motor, boosting average line speed to 12% faster than the Gen2. With less AMP draw at load, the motor delivers efficient dependable power for all your recovery tasks.

The Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Comp Series Winch includes other key features to make recovery safer and simpler. With the ergonomic remote controller’s Load Indicator Warning System, you can monitor how much load is safe for your equipment. A remote built-in flashlight and new tie-bar light improve your visibility in low lighting conditions. Need more illumination? The Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Comp Series Winch can accommodate more light, thanks to the 12-volt power post on the control box. When you need more recovery capabilities, choose the upgraded Smittybilt XRC Gen3 9.5K Comp series winch with synthetic cable and additional aluminum hawse fairlead. Your new winch is backed by Smittybilt’s lifetime mechanical warranty and a five-year electrical warranty.

Smittybilt XRC Gen3 9.5K Winch

Improved Power Efficiency: The Gen3 has a 7.0 HP motor with 12% average line speed increase and a whopping 17% faster spool speed with zero load.

Nighttime Capable: The remote controller has a built in flashlight to equip you with vision for nighttime recovery needs.

Load Indicator: Exclusive to the XRC GEN3, constantly provides information on winch load via a series of LEDs on the remote, preventing overtaxation of the motor and line, and damage from overload.

Remote Features: The controller sports a brand new ergonomic handle, flashlight, and dual magnet mounts for easy placement.

High Visual Clutch Lever: A easily identifiable clutch lever helps by communicating ENGAGED vs FREE SPOOL at a second’s glance.

Detachable Body Armor: Detachable body armor can be painted to give you a custom look.

Forged Gearing: The XRC GEN3 gearing is forged steel instead of stamped steel, allowing the winch to pull more load at a faster speed without sacrificing durability.

Additional 12V Items Compatible: XRC GEN3 comes equipped with a 12V power post for additional accessories up to 50 amps.

Cable Feet: 94 Feet

Waterproof Rating: IP67

Rated Line Pull: 9500lbs.

Faster Line Speed(respooling at 0): 27.3 feet per minute.

Faster Line Speed at Load (6000lb, ft/min): 12.8 feet per minute.

Motor AMP Draw at Load (6000lb): 280 amps & 385 amps at 9500lbs.

The COMP Series Difference: Synthetic Winch Rope is 1/7th the weight of steel cable –no kinks, curls or wire splinter.

COMP Series Aluminum Fairlead: Reduces binding and friction caused by angled pulls and will not fray or tangle your synthetic winch rope. Protects synthetic rope from excessive wear. UV and abrasion resistant rope, specially coated to prevent slippage.

The XRC Gen3 Winches from Smittybilt are powered by a best-in-class 7.0 HP motor. Not only that, but the entire winch was carefully rethought to give the user the best possible experience. From the specially designed internal rotor made from silicone steel for more efficient operation at a lower amperage, to the forged gears for a quicker, more powerful recovery, the 3rd generation XRC Winch was built to one-up the competition. Mission accomplished.
Getting stuck when going off-road can take some serious efforts to get un-stuck. It also can take some time, in order to not overwork your winch. The redesigned XRC Winch will have you back in operation in no-time, thanks to the powerful 7.0 HP motor and thoughtfully redesigned components.
The XRC Gen3 winches come with your choice of synthetic rope and a competition aluminum HAWSE fairlead, or highly durable steel cable and 4-way roller fairlead.
Winches need to be as tough as the environments you expose them to, which is why Smittybilt made sure that the XRC Gen3 winch earned an IP67 rating. This keeps your winch operable for up to 30 minutes in up to a meter (approx. 3.3ft) of water! So get out there – adventure awaits!
Overloading your winch is never a good idea, and can be very dangerous. Never guess what level of stress you are putting on the XRC Gen3 winch with the Load Indicator Lights on the remote that indicate your winches state. Blue for when it is ready to use, Green for Loading, Yellow for Max Load, and Red for overloading. If you get to Yellow, it might be time to try using a snatch block to lessen the load on your winch.
Smittybilt’s raising of the bar isn’t done yet. The XRC Gen3 remote is completely updated to include a built in flashlight, an ergonomic handle, and dual magnet mounts, allowing you to securely place the remote’s flashlight where you need the light.

Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Winch w/ Synthetic Cable (98695) Features:

  • Stronger. Faster. Easiest to Use.
  • Powerful, Industry-Best 7.0 HP Motor
  • Increased Line Speed over Gen2
  • Innovative New Load Indicator Warning System
  • Onboard lighting features for quick nighttime recovery
  • High-Viz Clutch Lever
  • Controller Flashlight and Dual Magnet Mounts
  • Moveable Control Box with 12V Accessory Power Post
  • Customizable, Detachable Body Armor
  • Daytime Running Light
  • 3-Stage Planetary Gear System
  • Forged Gears and Silicon Steel Plate Rotor
  • International Waterproof Rating – IP67
  • Electrical Warranty – 5 Years
  • Mechanical Warranty – Lifetime
  • 9,500 Lb. Rated Line Pull
  • Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
  • Synthetic Cable

Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Comp Series Winch w/ Synthetic Cable (98695) Specifications:

  • Part Number: S/B98695
  • Fairlead:Hawse
  • Line Pull:9500
  • Remote Control:12 Feet Lead
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Line Type:Synthetic Rope

Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Comp Series Winch w/ Synthetic Cable (98695) Includes:

  • XRC GEN3 Winch
  • Forged Winch Hook
  • Hawse or Roller Fairlead(choose accordingly)
  • Steel or Synthetic Cable (choose accordingly)
  • Detachable Body Armor
  • Remote
  • Moveable Control Box
  • Instructions

Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Comp Series Winch Manual:

Weight68 lbs
Dimensions25 × 10 × 11 in



In 1956, Basil Smith, also known as “Smitty”, started a small machine shop in his garage. Being one of the original four wheel drive enthusiasts, his chief concern was to develop four wheel drive equipment for trucks and Jeeps. Smitty’s son Tom was exposed to the four wheel drive lifestyle all his life. Tom was able to create new and innovative product ideas geared towards the growing off-road aftermarket industry.

Today Smittybilt supplies thousands of dealers and distributors worldwide with innovative truck and SUV accessories. Smittybilt has expanded its product offering to over 2,000 different products servicing the international truck and SUV markets. The constant involvement of management in the off-road markets has kept Smittybilt in touch with the latest market trends and on the forefront of engineering and design.

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