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What is a rooftop tent and why you need one?

Rooftop tents elevate your camping experience. They are tents that mount onto your vehicle’s rack system and are an alternative to a ground tent, RV, or camper van. They allow you to easily convert any vehicle – car, SUV, crossover, wagon, pickup truck, van, trailer – into a mobile basecamp that is always ready for adventure. Aside from the incredible views and comfy mattress, there are many benefits to using a rooftop tent while camping – either alone or with friends and family!

How do rooftop tents work?

You travel to your favorite camping spot and open the rooftop tent, lower the ladder, and climb in! Rooftop Tents are designed to fit most vehicle rack systems, and they are easy to install with secure mounting hardware. They can stay on your vehicle between adventures, or you can easily remove it in the offseason.

How long does it take to open a rooftop tent?

Some roof top tent enthusiasts have been interested in this exact question. When timed, most rooftop tents can be opened and ready for use in about three to four minutes average.

The process of opening the tent, setting up the windows and rainfly rods can take a little longer, anywhere from 4-6 minutes. Hard-shell tents are usually quicker since there are no extra features like rain fly rods to set up.

How do you heat a roof top tent?

Use a quilted insulator, this rooftop tent insulation is fitted to your tent and attaches to the internal frame for extra protection from the cold. For the most part, car top tents are warmer than ground tents because their material is thicker. Not to mention the added benefit of being up off the cold ground.

If you want a really warm sleeping experience, get one of our Autoterm Portable Air 2D Air Heaters.

Why use a roof top tent with an annex?

Some roof top tents come with a detachable annex. This gives you more sheltered space to get dressed before heading out on a day of exploring or extra space to keep your gear.

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