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We love hearing from you and learning more about your projects!

Please understand that we receive and process over 400 emails per day, and we are a (very) small business, so we’d appreciate if you read this before contacting us via the form below.

If you’re contacting us about an order that you already placed please DO NOT use this form; simply reply to the itemized email receipt that our website emailed to you so that we know who you are, what order you are referencing, and what you ordered.

If you have a product question please DO NOT use this form; simply use the ASK A QUESTION button that we provide on every product page so that our nomadic community can benefit from the questions and answers that are shown on our website.

Lastly, nearly every question that our customers email to us has already been answered on our FAQ page, so please go there before contacting us and you’ll get your question answered much faster than it would be via email.

Nomadic Supply Company Vanlife Meetup in Baja Sur, Mexico

150 Bank Street | Burlington VT 05401

Hours: 12PM PST to 6M PST

If you are asking us to contact the manufacturer of a product to check stock, we need a link to the specific product page you are inquiring about so that we can ask the manufacturer for you.