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Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability Policy

Nomadic Supply Company is not just committed to sustainability; the company was literally founded as a platform to directly fund nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to wilderness conservation and fighting climate change. Concern for our planet is integral to every aspect of our activities and the management of the company.

  • We mandate that all orders ship directly to you from the manufacturer rather than to Nomadic Supply Company and then to you, cutting the shipping carbon footprint in half.
  • At Nomadic Supply Company we believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change. We’re proud to fund next-generation carbon removal by donating a huge 1% of all sales to the Stripe Climate Change initiative.
  • We donate 10% of our profits to the Sierra Club Foundation.
  • We strongly discourage customer returns & we actively educate consumers about how their decisions affect our planet. Every single year in the United States alone, 5 billion pounds of returned goods end up in landfills and 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are emitted in the transportation of returns.
  • We ensure that staff & customers are fully aware of our Sustainability Policy & are committed to implementing & improving it.
  • We minimize the impact on sustainability of all business & transportation activities.
  • We require that all vendors provide all paperwork to us via email rather than paper and we have run a paperless office for over 20+ years.
  • We avoid physically traveling to meetings unless via bicycle, skateboard, or foot.
  • We reduce the need for staff to travel by mandating that all staff work remotely.
  • We purchase electricity from a supplier committed to renewable energy, and are based in the only city in the country that uses 100% renewable energy.

Camper Van Builds/Systems Consultations

If you’re taking on your own camper van build or renovation, we know how overwhelming it can be at times! We are expert van builders and can assist you with almost any aspect of your project. By scheduling a consultation with us you can ask us your questions, get our advice, and get help with product recommendations ranging from electrical system components, to HVAC, to plumbing, and more. We can assist you with a wide scope of topics including build planning, floor-plan options, electrical system design, plumbing system design, material choices, and more.

Consultations are $150 per hour with a $50 minimum for 20 minutes.

Book an appointment with Nomadic Supply Company

Payment Methods We Offer

ACH (All orders over $1000 must be paid via ACH)
APPLE PAY (Via Stripe)
GOOGLE PAY (Via Stripe)
STRIPE (All Major Credit Cards)
AFTERPAY (Via Stripe)

For new customers who we do not have an existing relationship with, orders over $1000 will require a you to pay with ACH during checkout or you will be subject to signing a credit card authorization form.

Shipping Methods We Offer

Shipping to the USA

We pay the shipping fee for you on many items we sell within the contiguous USA, if you do not see “Free Shipping” in the shopping cart, that means that the manufacturer that you are ordering from does not offer free shipping to consumers on their products.

If you choose Free Shipping during checkout, the manufacturer will ship with the carrier of their choice, you cannot choose which carrier they use. If you wish to choose a carrier, we recommend selecting FedEx or UPS instead. Please note that many manufacturers will ship with the carrier of their choice regardless of what you choose during checkout.

If you live outside of the contiguous USA (Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico), we will email you with your shipping options after you place your order.

Many brands that we offer are in other countries so when you import products from them you will owe customs brokerage fees, duty & taxes added before they deliver the shipment to you in the United States. To calculate your duty & taxes when importing products to the USA you can use this tool.

We recommend reviewing How Long Does Shipping Take? for more information on shipping.

Fully insured UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day, UPS 2 Day, and UPS Next Day Air. Rates you see in the shopping cart are estimates, if the actual rate is higher or lower you will be notified when your order is processed.

Fully insured Fedex Ground, Fedex 2 Day, and Fedex Next Day Air. Rates you see in the shopping cart are estimates, if the actual rate is higher or lower you will be notified when your order is processed.

LTL Freight

Many of the items we offer, such as lithium batteries, refrigerators, camper van windows, awnings, and roof racks, are oversized and can only ship on a pallet via LTL truck freight. Freight rates change daily and very widely by zip code, so they cannot be calculated in advance. Your custom freight quote will be emailed to you after you place your order, or you can contact us with your complete address for a free estimate prior to ordering.

This is the process to order products that ship with LTL Freight Shipping:

  1. Place an order on our website to reserve your place in line for the product with the manufacturer.
  2. We will provide you with your custom LTL freight shipping quote from the manufacturer 2-3 business days later. The LTL freight carrier will often provide you with an option to ship to your nearest freight terminal, and a more expensive option to ship directly to your address (unless you have a loading dock & fork lift , in which case it will be the same price as shipping to the terminal). We recommend that you do not ship to a residential address, see below for why.
  3. You then respond to the LTL freight quote email with your choice of the LTL freight shipping rates that you were offered and we will send you an invoice to pay for the LTL freight fee.
  4. Once you pay your freight fees, you wait 7-14 business days for the product to be packaged and picked up by the LTL freight carrier. No other retailer in the USA packages freight shipment products the way that we do; 100% of our refrigerators are delivered in brand new condition, versus 50% or worse from our competitors (see below!)
  5. The LTL freight carrier will pick up your shipment from the manufacturer and it will take up to 2 weeks to arrive to your location, depending on your distance from them. A freight tracking number is always provided to you both via email and via text message so that you can easily track the shipment progress with your LTL freight carrier.

Frequently Asked QuestionsOur detailed inspection and repacking process will cause a minor delay in shipping your Vitrifrigo refrigerator to you, but unlike other online stores, our shipments actually arrive to you in one piece, without damage.

  • At Nomadic Supply Company we inspect, repack, & double or triple box our Vitrifrigo refrigerators in our custom made, dual wall, fully overlapped, 450lbs. test-rated boxes.
  • Nomadic Supply Company adds 2” Styrofoam and reinforcements to the packaging and all of the larger Vitrifrigo refrigerator are fully palletized.
  • We take photos of your Vitrifrigo refrigerator shipment before, during and after your order is completed. Our customers love this!

Residential deliveries are always more expensive than commercial. Shipping to the closest truck freight carrier’s terminal in your area has huge advantages over shipping to your residence:

  • It saves you a lot of money in truck freight fees, usually 25-50%.
  • You can schedule to pick the shipment up at your convenience rather than spending a full day at home waiting for the delivery.
  • You’ll have the chance to thoroughly inspect your shipment for potential damage caused by the freight carrier before accepting & signing for it.

Shipping to Canada

We happily ship orders to Canada, but some manufacturers will require that we ship to us first, and then to you, so the shipping fees will be doubled. If a product cannot be shipped due to size or weight limitations, or has extra shipping fees involved, we will contact you prior to shipping your order. The shipping calculation in the shopping cart is only an estimate. Shipments that you import will have customs brokerage fees, duty & taxes added before they deliver the shipment to you in the United States. To calculate your duty & taxes when importing products from Canada to the USA you can use this tool.

Please be aware that manufacturer warranties do not provide coverage outside the USA and we make no representations regarding warranty coverage, compatibility, or serviceability for products that are used outside the USA. If you have questions about the warranty, contact the manufacturer prior to ordering.

Local Pickup

We do not offer local pickup because we do not stock products due to our Sustainability Policy. Nomadic Supply Company has exclusive relationships with every brand that we sell that require that all orders ship directly to you from the manufacturer rather than shipping to Nomadic Supply Company and then to you, cutting the shipping carbon footprint of our competitors in half.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

To comply with our Sustainability Policy, all orders are always shipped directly from the manufacturer or the manufacturers authorized distributor; Nomadic Supply Company DOES NOT ship orders. When you order on the Nomadic Supply Company website, the order is automatically sent to the manufacturer for processing & shipping by the shopping cart. The manufacturer will ship your order directly to you to save time, money, and the environment. Most manufacturers will process and ship their orders in 2-5 business days excluding holidays, but many products may take 1-2 weeks for them to process and ship. With the supply chain crisis and labor shortage some manufacturers are taking 6+ months to ship, so per the notice on our website, you will want to check stock and current pricing BEFORE you place any orders if your impatient.

For customers in the USA that choose Free Shipping during checkout, your orders will be shipped via Freight, FedEx, UPS, or USPS. If you choose one of the faster and fully insured UPS or Fedex rates during checkout, orders are guaranteed to arrive in the timeframe that UPS or Fedex provides, AFTER the manufacturer processes and ships the order. Some manufacturers only ship via FedEx, so the UPS rate that you choose during checkout will be shipped using the same method with FedEx.

How Do I Track My Order?

You can log into the website at any time to view your complete order history and tracking information my simply clicking “My Account” on the website. You do not need to email us asking for tracking as our website is fully automated. When you place an order it is automatically sent to the manufacturer for processing and shipping; once shipped, the manufacturer will enter the tracking number into your account on the website, and the website will automatically email it to you, the same way it emailed you your original receipt. Additionally, the website will also send you all tracking updates via SMS text message, so you will receive all tracking updates two times, to ensure that you don’t miss them. Don’t see tracking in your account or in your text messages? That means that the manufacturer hasn’t shipped the order yet; when they do, you’ll be notified twice.

Sales Tax Policy

Sales tax is applied to orders in states where sales tax is applicable. If you are a tax exempt organization (i.e. a camper van builder with a resale certificate), you can simply email us a list of the products that you wish to order and we will create a custom order invoice for you to pay that has the sales tax removed. In order for us to assist you with this, you will need to provide your tax certificate, billing information, shipping information, and phone number in order for us to create your custom invoice for you. You will also need to create an account with us, and complete your full name, address, phone, and email within the account prior to ordering.

Sales or use tax may be due to the States of Alabama, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Rhode Island, Kentucky, South Dakota, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington for online purchases. Laws require certain consumers to file a sales and use tax return remitting any unpaid taxes due to the States of Alabama, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Rhode Island, Kentucky, South Dakota, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington.

Return Policy

As is explained in our Sustainability Policy, when you purchase a product from Nomadic Supply Company it ships directly from the manufacturer, so every manufacturer on our website has a different return policy. You will need to visit the manufacturers website to learn about their specific return policies; (for example, if you buy a Flarespace brand product, all sales are final, no returns are allowed, ever).

If you absolutely must return a product, some manufacturers will allow you to return a product (with the exception of the Unacceptable Returns below) within 30 days of the delivery date, subject to the below Policies and Exceptions set forth herein. After 30 days from the delivery date, all sales are final.

Restocking Fee: 0-10% (if product is factory sealed)
Restocking Fee: 15-20% (if product is opened but never used, considered “open-box”)
Restocking Fee: 25% (if product was opened and used , considered “used”)
Restocking Fee: 25% (if product is authorized for return outside the 30 day window)
Original Shipping Cost: never refunded as it was paid directly to the shipping company
Return Shipping Cost: paid by customer

  1. Request a Return Authorization: To request a return authorization, simply reply to your original email receipt with a request for a return authorization. You must include the reason you are requesting to return the item as well as whether or not you opened the product packaging and/or used the product. We will forward your request to the manufacturer that shipped your order for their approval or denial.
  2. If the manufacturer approves your return request, you will then ship the product back to the manufacturer: Properly package the product and ship it to the address provided to you in the Return Authorization. Insure the shipment for its full retail value against loss or damage, because it’s your property until delivered.
  • No returns are allowed on ANY refrigerators.
  • No returns are allowed on ANY toilets.
  • No returns are allowed on ANY wheels or tires.
  • No returns are allowed on ANY windows.
  • No returns are allowed on ANY flooring or adhesives.
  • No returns allowed on any ANY GPS products.
  • No returns are allowed on clearance, sale, or discontinued products.

Order Cancellation Policy

Once an order is placed it cannot be canceled unless it is a preorder for a product that will ship in the future, or it is a product that does not automatically ship from the manufacturer. Our website automatically sends all orders directly to the manufacturer for processing before we even receive notice that you placed the order, so you cannot cancel an order if you’ve already placed it.

You should refer to the Return Policy if you need to return an order that you already placed. Additionally, because the order system sends all orders to the manufacturer for processing the instant that you place them, you cannot alter anything about the order once you place it.

If we are able to cancel an order before it was shipped, you will receive a store credit for the amount of your original purchase. If you prefer a refund to your credit card, you will lose 4% as is explained in the Payment Policy.

Website Security

The shopping cart used by Nomadic Supply Company is secured using full SSL encryption. This ensures that your credit card number & personal information are never sent over the Internet unencrypted. Your credit card information is immediately stored in its encrypted form in a data center. Once it is encrypted, no one except the credit card authorization company can decrypt it. Your credit card number is never displayed on the website; only the last four digits will ever be shown. Also, your personal information, such as your address, e-mail & billing information, are stored on a fully secure server. Only those with proper authorization can view this data.