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The World’s highest-quality products for your wilderness adventures, camper vans, overland vehicles, boats, and tiny homes.

Nomadic Supply Company curates a collection of more than 10,000 of the World’s highest-quality products to create your dream nomadic lifestyle. We proudly donate 10% of our profits to the Sierra Club Foundation and 1% of every sale is donated directly to the Stripe Climate Change initiative.

Worry-free products

We do the research so that you don’t have to! We sell only the World’s most reliable and high-quality products, and nothing else.

Our clients LOVE us!

We are consistently ranked in the top 1% of all online stores by verified customers.

We protect our Planet

We proudly donate 10% of our profits to the Sierra Club Foundation and a huge 1% of gross sales to Stripe Climate.

Our Story

We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to.

After spending 4+ years full-time overlanding in a Mercedes Sprinter camper van throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada, exploring over 250 National Parks in the process, we have fine-tuned our collection of the best-quality products for your outdoor adventures through our own experiences. We’ve put thousands of hours of research into the very best products for our own vans & boats, & we have done our best to curate our collection of the most reliable & high-quality products on the market. Whether you are building a tiny house, a camper van, or an overland vehicle; our goal is to help you achieve the most efficient, reliable, & sustainable nomadic lifestyle that you possibly can. We are proud to be a supplier for iconic brands such as Airstream, Earthroamer, SYNC Vans, The Vansmith, EarthCruiser, SpaceX, Outside Van, Yellowstone National Park, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Regal Boats, ZenVanz, & many more.

We partner with and donate to nonprofit organizations to restore our environment and we actively educate our staff and our customers on how every choice they make in life directly impacts our planet. We aspire to be a company where people from all backgrounds, identities, and experiences have the power to contribute and explore while limiting the impact on the environment.

Our Founder

Stavros Mitchelides is the founder of Nomadic Supply Company; a native Vermonter, lifelong explorer, naturalist, photographer, conservationist, and nomad. Stavros is well-known in the Vanlife community for scouting (and cleaning) over 600 wilderness campsites throughout North and Central America. Stavros founded Nomadic Supply Company to subvert capitalism for the betterment of the environment by directly funding donations to conservation nonprofits and helping others source the best products for a nomadic lifestyle. In short, we are in business to save the planet from ourselves. You can learn more about Stavros at and via Instagram @joyryde

Thank You!

Thanks for stopping by and shopping with a business that donates 10% of our profits to the Sierra Club Foundation and a complete 1% of our gross sales to the Stripe Climate Change Initiative. We appreciate that you shop with a business that prioritizes our environment over profits.

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