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An off-road LED light bar is a must for Mercedes Sprinter camper vans, overlanding vehicles, and other four-wheeled vehicles. LED light bars work great on boats and other marine applications, too! White light LED light bars provide a swath of bright, white light so you can see clearly at night or on overcast days. Amber LED light bars are ideal for low-visibility driving or as warning lights. Nomadic Supply Company also carries rear tail light LED bars that make it easier for others to spot you.

Roof mounted LED light bars for off-road vehicles are mounted onto the roof of your vehicle, just above the windshield. The intent behind using roof light bars is to enhance your long distance vision so that it is easier to identify upcoming obstacles that are far off in the distance or simply ones that are approaching quickly if you’re traveling at a high rate of speed.

Aiming your Roof Light Bar

Turn your headlights and any other lower mounted, forward-facing lights on.
Turn on your roof mounted LED light bar
Aim it intentionally too high and pointed at the sky/trees
Slowly aim it lower and lower until it overlaps the beams from your other lights by about 15-30%

Best Beam Patterns for Roof Light Bars
In the majority of cases, a light bar mounted overhead will be a combo beam pattern. In the center of the bar will be spot beam optics which are used to achieve the ultimate beam distance. Then, the ends of the light bar will be a wider, more spread optic which is used to still provide distance while also balancing out the overall beam to provide a bit more horizontal width than something with only spot beams.

Limitations of Overhead/Roof Light Bars
The first downside of a roof light bar is that no matter how refined and precise the beam pattern is, there is still going to be some spill light that illuminates the hood of the vehicle. In some cases, depending on the mounting position (if it’s too far back) the light bar may even light up the dash/interior of the vehicle as well. However, with proper placement of the bar and with a refined beam pattern, this can be minimized so that it isn’t completely destroying your field of view. That said – this downside very much depends on the type and placement of the light bar itself.

The other downside of light bars mounted overhead is simply the wind noise that comes with mounting something this high up on your vehicle. Depending on the type and the design, some of the light bars with lesser thought put into the design will even howl or whistle at highway speeds.

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