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If you’re looking to improve visibility on your vehicle at night, you’ve probably found many options for LED upgrades but almost all LED bulbs on the market are too large to install, they don’t work with the Mercedes electrical system, and they have no focus or hotspot in the beam pattern. Even if they come close on those aspects, they still aren’t anything close to the quality you would find with factory-installed lighting. Like most aftermarket products, most LED bulbs are not engineered and tested for long-term reliability.

Diode Dynamics set out to engineer a true OEM-grade solution. With its compact size, optically correct output, flow-simulated cooling, and boost-mode electrical circuit, the Diode Dynamics LED lights’ patented design is a properly-engineered solution that finally provides a true upgrade in performance, with high reliability: and it’s tested and validated to meet those standards, exactly like OEM lighting.

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